What do AEB Logistics do?

AEB Logistics is responsible for facilitating international shipments. We arrange for freight to be picked up at an origin location and delivered to a destination location while managing necessary paperwork and maintaining legal compliance throughout.

How to get AEB quote?

To have an AEB quote, it is as simple as just 2 steps:
1/ Log in your AEB dashboard & click “Quotation Form”:
Your AEB dashboard – https://aeblogistics.com/my-account/
Username/Password: as per email notification from AEB. Username/Password can be available 1/ to sign up at https://aeblogistics.com/sign-up/ 2/ to ask your contact at AEB signing up for you.
2/ Click to select a form & submit 3-5 inputs. A quote will then be available to your email box by your dedicated account manager.

How long does it take to get quotes?

For shipments moving on popular trade lanes, you may receive quotes within just few hours. For shipments to or from difficult-to-service locations, it can take longer – up to 24 hours. Within 3 business days from submitting your quote request you should have received all quotes that you are going to receive from AEB Logistics. Please chat or message us in urgent case.

Does my quote include everything?

Your quotes from AEB Logistics should include the costs of all services you selected in your quote request. If you have a concern that a quote is not complete, feel free to send a message to AEB account manager with any questions you have. Understanding you may only care how many dollars are to be taken out of your pockets, we choose to lump the charges of a shipment together and input them as an “All in” quote. If you would like to see the charges broken down, just send the us a message requesting an itemized quote.

When should I request quotes?

When you have the Commercial Invoice of your shipment, or when you’ve already placed an order with your supplier. Why? You need to provide exact information about your shipment regarding the size, weight, packaging, origin and destination addresses, and other relevant information. You are most likely to have this information after placing the order or receiving the Commercial Invoice from your supplier.

When will I know the cost of duties and taxes for my shipment?

The cost of duties and taxes for your shipment is confirmed at the time of customs clearance in the destination port.

When and how can I pay for my duties and taxes?

AEB Logistics will bill you directly for duties and taxes at the time of customs clearance.

How can I pay?

You can pay via:

>> PayPal with a 5% transaction processing fee.

>> Bank Wire Transfer: Please make sure AEB receive full invoiced amount.

>> Payoneer: Upon your request, we will send payment link to you via email.

Feel free to contact your AEB account manager should there be any assistance needed on payment methods.

What documents do I need to upload?

You should upload the following documents right after you click “Proceed to Booking”:

>> Commercial Invoice

>> Packing List

>> Certificate of Origin, if necessary (certain goods will require COO)

>> If you requested customs clearance, we will upload a Power of Attorney (POA) for you to complete.

What does transit time mean?

Transit time is included on all quotes. The transit times provided on quote requests are estimates by AEB Logistics. Also, transit times are calculated from the date of cargo receipt at origin, and do not include the time it takes for AEB to onboard a new customer and gather correct documentation.

Can I track my shipment?

Sure thing! AEB Logistics provide status updates when your shipment has been received, is “in transit” and when it is “delivered”. These updates are made on daily basis by a dedicated team.

For additional updates, you can send a message to your AEB account manager or chat on line.

Why is your quote more expensive than another freight company’s?

While our rates are extremely competitive, we pride ourselves on reliability in shipping. We have never had a “miss” in shipping. Our network of carriers is built from years of experience, with plenty of testing carried out on each company. When you use us for shipping, you can be assured your products will be delivered without a hitch.

What’s the difference between FOB vs EXW?

In a nutshell, FOB means that your goods will be ready at a port for pickup, and will be dropped off at a port. EXW, or “door-to-door” is picking up at the supplier’s location, and delivering right to your facility, or to Amazon. FOB can leave a little more in the supplier’s hands, while with EXW, we handle the entire process.

My supplier offered shipping for $300, why is your quote more expensive? Can you just pick up the goods at the port and take them to my facility?

Many times suppliers don’t include charges for paperwork related to customs, or may package many customers’ goods together under their own name. While sometimes this works, we regularly see it cause delays and many extra charges (sometimes fees amounting to more than our original shipping quote). We highly recommend against using suppliers for shipping, unless you have substantial shipping experience.

Can you just pick up the goods at the port and take them to my facility?

We really advise against this approach, as we often see customers surprised with fees and tight deadlines given by the port. There are many small nuances involved in shipping to Amazon that this approach leaves out.

Do you guys handle all customs?

Yes! We take care of all the paperwork for you, making sure you have an accurate quote, and a smooth importing experience. And in the event of the unexpected in shipping, we have extensive experience in rectifying nearly any situation that may arise.

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