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167 Hongkong Middle Road,
Qingdao 266071, China

Quote Number Q-0035
Quote Date 2018-04-08
Valid Until 2018-04-30
Total $5,700.00
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 FBA FCL - 1 x 40ST FOB Shanghai to CLT2

Product details and sizes:

1. Wooden Frame Big
55 cartons, 74x49x40cm, 17kgs
Total: 6.45cbm, 757.4kgs

2. Bamboo book rest
34 cartons, 55x53x39cm, 21.7kgs
Total: 3.82cbm, 738kgs

3. Wooden Holder
153 cartons, 46x44x44cm, 21.85kgs
Total: 13.6 cbm, 3297kgs

4. Wooden Holder Small
13 cartons, 51x46x43cm, 16.2kgs
Total: 1.31cbm, 210kgs

5. Bamboo book rack
21 cartons, 49x29x47cm, 16.5kgs
Total 1.4cbm, 346kgs

HS Code used previously: 9403.60.9990 / 9403.60.8081

Subtotal 276 cartons, 26.6cbm, 5349kgs

Term with manufacturer: FOB Shanghai

Destination: LLC (#CLT2)
10240 Old Dowd Rd
Charlotte, NC 28214-8082
United States

Ship date: W/C 16th April

Please provide the best full price and the time it will take to reach Amazon warehouse asap

I would like to get an annual bond as well

Freight: USD3900
CFS in China: USD400
Carton labeling: USD200
Palletization: USD700
Annual bond: USD500

Transit time: 50 days from cargo receipt at Shanghai warehouse to FBA delivery

- Subject to import taxes and duties as per costs;

Sub Total $5,700.00
Tax $0.00
Total $5,700.00

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