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167 Hongkong Middle Road,
Qingdao 266071, China

Quote Number Q-293
Quote Date 2019-12-01
Total $1,200.00

- Subject to US import duties and taxes.

- Transit time: 45 days as from cargo pickup at origin till FBA delivery

** Total Shipment: 4.68 cbm/400 kg **

• Origin: Ex-work

Vanjoin Hubei Industry Limited, Wuhan, Hubei, China

• Destination: Services, Inc. 33333 LBJ FWY Dallas, TX 75241-7203 United States

• Commodity: 20 cartons, of 630mm x 590 mm x 630mm, each 20kg

• Date of Cargo: 2019-12-16

• Insurance: Insurance Needed


• Customs Entry: Customs Entry Needed,I don't have a continuous bond (No worries! Let AEB help you!)

• Comments: Hello,

I need transportation from Hunei, China to Dallas, Texas, United States. Amazon FBA.

The products are empty bottle for liquid soap.


It's my first sending from China to USA:

- do you manage all the customs and the delivery to Amazon?

AEB Logistics: Sure thing!

- I also would be interested on quality control check at the manufacture, and verify the shipping stickers are on the cartons. Do you provide that service? at what cost?

AEB Logistics: As for inspection, I suggest you to hire a professional company instead of forwarder. Please send carton labels - by shipping plan/AMZ seller sentral - to supplier who shall put all carton labels on before pickup by AEB Logistics.

What would be the price for that first transportation?

AEB Logistics: See below.


Marguerite MALINA

+33 6 78 15 59 89

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Pickup/Export customs clearance/Other local charges

1 Main Transport
1 Import Customs Entry + Customs bond
1 Transport Insurance - FREE $50.00-100.00%$0.00
Sub Total $1,200.00
Tax $0.00
Total $1,200.00