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Qingdao 266071, China

Quote Number Q-360
Quote Date 2020-08-12
Total US$4,775.00
Christopher Wong

** amazon spn Request ID *9a2641ac-be41-44f3-827b-746e5eecc37f **

- Cargo is receiveable at AEB warehouse Ningbo.

- Subject to US import duties and taxes at costs

- Transit Time: 40 days as from cargo receipt at Ningbo till delivery to FBA center


The shipment info is as below: Chaozhou China 广东省潮州市潮安区彩塘镇院前村彩新路北四巷2号(潮州市精实不锈钢制品厂): Steel steamer ring 13 boxes 60x32x30cm/ box 20 kg each Fujian China 福建省宁德市蕉城区金涵乡白亭洋23号(宁德市祥腾工艺品有限公司): Bamboo steamer 125 boxes 60x60x60cm/ box 15 kg each I would like to combine both shipment into 1 BOL under the Fujian Factory.


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Main Transport
1 Import Customs Entry
1 Transport Insurance US$50.000.00%US$50.00
Sub Total US$4,775.00
Tax US$0.00
Total US$4,775.00