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How to get AEB quote?

Simply submit a form at your AEB dashboard. Your AEB account manager will work on your request and inform you once a quote is ready at your AEB dashboard.

Or you may email us at [email protected] with shipment details as follows. A ticket will be created for your AEB account manager to send quote to you. Please as well check your spam folder as in some cases emails from [email protected] may be put to spam.




Freight incoterms – FOB or EXW

Commodity, and HS code if possible

Carton count/cbm/kgs

Estimated date of cargo readiness at origin

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Can I track my shipment?

Sure thing! There are 3 key milestones:


  • Accepted: Your order is accepted by AEB Logistics who will be in contacts with you and your supplier. Once shipment at origin is picked up by AEB – EXW/Ex-work – or delivered by supplier to AEB warehouse – FOB, order status becomes in-transit.
  • In-transit: AEB receives your shipment at origin! Once a ship or plane is booked as early as possible by AEB, an estimated date of delivery to you shall be available. There are more updates as shipment is in transit!
  1. Export Customs: When export customs declaration is completed in origin country.
  2. Export Departure: When shipment leaves from origin country.
  3. Import Entry: When import entry is completed in destination country.
  4. Import Arrival: When shipment arrives in destination country.
  • Delivered: While your shipment is still on the way, an estimated date of delivery to you shall be available. Dedicated team of AEB Logistics keep eyes on daily developments & updating estimated delivery date if needed till you have your shipment in hands physically!


These updates are made on daily basis by a dedicated team.


For additional updates, you can send a message to your AEB account manager or chat on line.


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How to Find the Best Forwarders?

1. Of course PRICE


This is a given, but you actually will find that prices among the biggest forwarders will not vary a lot as pricing is relatively transparent for your volume. Here I would steer clear of the smaller forwarders that do quote ridiculous prices for local trucking or warehousing in China.



Responses and service level is critical. It doesn’t seem like it when you are just concerned with price but the saying goes – “you get what you pay for” does in some ways apply. Make sure the company you work with can do what they say they can do.



Obviously, if you do find a recommendation from someone in the industry or another business that has used their service.



For majority of your shipments, it may be smooth and simple however that will be times that you need a forwarder to be flexible or be able to provide other services. This is when a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) may be of more use. They will have a large enough network to help you with warehousing, trucking, final delivery whereas a forwarder will only be able to assist with your freight.



Technology is critical, it means the forwarder or 3PL you are working with is forward thinking. It also means they are lowering transaction costs and trying to automate parts of shipping. This in turn means cost savings that can be passed back to you as a client. Also provides you with more timely updates and systems and processes that are clear and precise.


BUT this is nearly non-existent in logistics, so if you find one that does implement this then stick with them!



Their ability to execute. This of course you will only know after they have executed. But in general from their size, experience and other clients you can gauge their ability to execute.



Especially if you are doing international cargo and shipments. Customs is something that is very unpredictable. It may not be in the hands of your forwarder but their knowledge in these areas is something you have to rely on. So if they show this then is it definitely an advantage.



You definitely want to grow your business, last thing you want is to babysit a shipper. So if you can see that they can provide all the services that you need NOT just today but also TOMORROW, then this is a big consideration. As your business will not stay as it is today.

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Refer & Earn

We know you are satisfied to services by AEB Logistics, but is it possible for you to share your great experience & earn commission? Sure thing!


How to Refer a friend & Earn 3% Commission

Click the “Share by email” button at your AEB dashboard An email can be sent to your friend after email address is input, and as well your account manager at AEB Logistics is notified.


The email includes:

– Your name

– Name of your account manager at AEB Logistics

– A link to sign up at AEB website and how to contact AEB Logistics


Your AEB account manager will also reach out to your referral & try to secure orders.



Congratulations! Once your referral pays, AEB pay 3% of invoice amount as Commission to you via PayPal or Payoneer.