Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

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Customs clearance & Usage of AEB bond for customs entry

Efficient customs clearance is vital to avoid delays in the shipment process. AEB Logistics offers comprehensive customs brokerage services to streamline this process for you.

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1. What is a customs broker?

A customs broker ensures that your goods clear customs during the shipment process by being the intermediary between you and customs. They inform the shipper of the necessary documentation to have the goods cleared and prepare and submit it to get clearance from customs.

A customs broker is essential because an issue at customs can delay your shipment.

2. Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance needs to be coordinated by AEB Logistics.

We can include the cost of customs brokerage into your quote, which pays for AEB to handle and submit your documentation. That usually costs around $125 (USD), depending on how many commodities you’re shipping.

Note: For Express shipments, customs is handled directly with the carrier (ex. DHL, UPS, etc.)

For Express shipments under $800, there are no customs fees. For shipments under $2,000, the carrier can broker customs on your behalf without need of a POA (Power of Attorney).

3. Customs bond

For most shipments you may also be required to purchase a customs bond (if you don’t already have one). This can either be a single-entry bond (SEB) or a continuous bond. The better, more cost-effective option for you will depend on how many times you expect to ship in the next 12 months.

The cost of an SEB is dependent on the value of your goods, typically 0.5% of their total worth, with a minimum charge of $50. For shipments arriving by ocean, a customer with a single-entry bond will also need to purchase an ISF (Import Security Filing) bond separately for a flat fee of approximately $75.

A continuous bond typically costs $500 and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, encompassing any and all shipments into the US registered to the company holding the bond. No further charges are required.

Therefore, if you are shipping more than five times a year, it may be cheaper long term to purchase a continuous bond, especially as it covers additional bond requirements.

Additionally, many users have reported that single entry bonds are more likely to be inspected at customs, which can incur more charges; less customs holds issues have been reported for continuous bonds.

4. I do not have a bond for US customs entry & ISF. Can I still move my goods into US?

Yes, you can! AEB will either buy an annual bond for you or offer AEB bond for you to use. Case-by-case cost for using AEB bond is 1/3 of an annual bond. Of course you may use your annual bond for unlimited cases during one year.

5. When will I know the cost of duties and taxes for my shipment?

The cost of duties and taxes for your shipment is confirmed at the time of customs clearance in the destination port.

6. Do I need a Power of Attorney?

If you requested customs clearance for your shipment from AEB Logistics, you will need to complete a POA.

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