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We offer warehouse fulfillment solutions at incredibly economical prices, processing orders of all sizes. Use our speciality warehouse space to house your fulfillment operation and our highly trained staff will take care of all processing, packaging, and shipping for your orders.

Your Warehouse Management Solution

Our fulfillment services include a suite of warehouse management services, including inventory management, bar-coding, pick/pull confirmation, and connection to these popular sales platforms.

FBA Prep Services

When you ship through Amazon’s FBA service, they have certain packaging and fulfillment prep requirements for your products. Properly packaging and preparing units (FBA prep) helps to reduce delays in receive time, protects your products while in fulfillment centers, and creates a better customer experience.

What is FBA?

With FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), Amazon requires all products to be prepared for shipping, including checks for safety and other restrictions. Amazon and other warehouses charge a premium to prep your products for shipment through FBA.

Before you send your items to Amazon, use AEB Logistics as your dedicated prepping partner. We’ll package your items to Amazon’s specifications, print and apply labels and bar codes, and ship them to a regional facility.

Best of all, we do it for LESS than the other guys – with our simple pricing model and NO hidden fees.

How we do FBA prep?

If you use Amazon’s own FBA prep service, Amazon can prepare your eligible products for a per-unit fee. AEB Logistics can perform the same prep for significantly less. We’re a leading fulfillment prep services provider, designed specifically for Amazon FBA merchants.

We receive your products, verify quantities, and inspect for visible damages. We set up and notify Amazon of the pending shipments.

We repackage, bag, and tag your products, applying FNSKU labels and even other labels if needed (choking hazard, expiration date, etc).

We divide your products to ship out to different Amazon fulfillment centers, using either small parcel or LTL service.

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